What Exactly Is SEO?

Updated: Jun 18

Look we get it. SEO can be complicated, but it does not have to be. All you need to know about SEO will be covered here.

You might want to take notes.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is simply content. For example, this article you are reading now is SEO. You can insert SEO on your site's home page, about page, and any other page that has words, specifically "keywords"

The more relevant your keyword is to what your customers are looking for the higher you will rank. Search engines have an algorithm and this is how it works

SEO Algorithm:

This is how it works. lets say you are looking for some golf pants, so you type "Golf Apparel" In your google search bar.

Google will connect you (the consumer) to the most relevant match for the keyword "Golf Apparel". SEO is how readily Google or other search engines are able to find your site and connect it to the person searching for your product or service.

Now let's take a look at some live examples of what SEO Is.

As you can see in the search bar we are looking for "mens golf apparel" you click enter and that is where the magic happens. After you click enter, Google scours the internet to find you the best possible match to what you are looking for.

Under the blue links is a description, the description usually includes your keyword in bold text. That is basically Google saying "hey! this website mentions your keyword in their website." The more specific your keywords are the higher chance you have of being shown to customers.

How to use SEO?

Here is what you can do to start improving your SEO on your website. First lets take a look at your homepage. Does your home page describe your product or service well? Does your homepage have keywords that your customers are searching for? Lastly does your website produce content on a regular basis to increase domain authority?

When your site has valuable information and content that relates to what your customers are looking for the better your overall SEO ranking will be.

Let's go through a couple more examples. Let's say you run a landscaping business. Some of your services include cutting grass, fixing up yards, removing weeds, and building fences.

Here is how you can improve your ranking for so called landscaping business.

  1. Make a page for each service

  2. Describe each service and benefits

  3. Include keywords that your customers may search such as: "Landscaping" "Lawn Maintenance" or "Weed remover" "Fence builders" these are all keywords your potential customer will be searching for

Although having many keywords is great, you also do not want to spam a bunch of them together. This will discredit your site authority and Google will not recommend it to users. So it does take some finesse. If you are looking to learn more about SEO I recommend checking out some of Neil Patel's work as he goes into much detail about SEO and covers many areas not mentioned here.

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