“There is a fine line between sharing your dreams and keeping them to yourself.”

When I say dreams I mean to talk about ambitions, aspirations, and being able to visualize your future from where you stand today.

Do people even dream anymore? If you have crazy dream you want to share, feel free to leave it here.

I was a very extroverted and reckless kid growing up, and I overshared personal information on countless occasions, and at places that are not suitable.

It reached a point where I felt exposed because I was telling strangers my ambitions. Not everyone understood my dreams but I didn’t really care, I was looking for their reactions.

I would ask myself

“Do people actually see it in me?

“Do they believe me?”

“I wonder what their dreams are?”

Do you see the problem?

I wanted someone to believe in me, when I didn’t believe in myself.

(Take a break, sip some water or something you probably been on your phone all day and could use some h2o)

Thanks to living an unusual childhood, and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

The very instance you are born you need to learn how to breathe. You probably don't remember.

But remember this, the obstacles in your life are there to help you.

Although at the moment It might seem like they’re there to make your life harder, in reality, it is preparing you for life.

That is besides the point. If you are dreaming, there are bound to be nightmares.

Have you ever hit rock bottom?

I kiss rock bottom everyday to remind myself how far I made it. It doesn’t matter that John next door is driving a Mercedes and you're driving a 1990 Honda.

I know what that 2am .99c mc chicken tastes like.

I know what not having a ride to practice is like.

I know what it’s like having to worry about groceries and bills.

A majority of the U.S is living Paycheck to paycheck, unemployment, or social security.

And no, you do not have to be rich to be happy.

What if I told you that you can be happy with your dreams and your nightmares.

Here is the key:

Notice, how you are not the only one? Why else have you read here until this point?

It’s because you got a feeling. A feeling that maybe, there is another person in this world who is having trouble operating life.

It’s Ok. We are all trying our best.

Even if you fucked up. Just please do me a favor. Focus all your energy on one thing that you love. Don’t just do it, Live it.

Live in the moment,

Because we are never promised another one.

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